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Bashing boomers a good career move

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels caused a stir earlier this summer by talkin' about his generation -- and not in a good way.
"We were pampered in ways no children in human history would recognize," according to Daniels at a graduation commencement speech, going on to chastise his generation for fiscal irresponsibility.

The comments were music to the beleaguered Republican Party's ears, of which Daniels is a member. Little surprise - many Republicans resent the free-love, flower-power sensibilities epitomized by many in the generation. Now, Daniels is being talked about for a possible White House run. Granted, it wasn't only his comments that got the party's attention. His businesslike approach to running state government also helped, and his savings and revenue-generating ideas are getting the attention of other states.

Still, his focus on boomers might have been his shrewdest (or most cynical) political move yet.

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