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What's In A Name

Sidebar to the Insurance article "Saving Grace"

There are several different classifications of insurance you should be aware of. The classification determines the type of regulation that governs it; knowing a policy's classification will help you determine how much protection is available for your clients' coverage, and where to turn to get help.

o Admitted insurance - coverage licensed by the state in which it is purchased; the issuing company can be either domestic or foreign.

o Alien insurance - coverage sold by an insurer domi- ciled outside of the United States.

o Domestic insurance - coverage sold within a state by an insurer licensed within that state.

o Foreign insurance - coverage sold within a state by an insurer licensed in another state.

o Nonadmitted insurance - coverage sold by an insur- er not licensed to do business within the state in which the policy is sold.

o Surplus-lines insurance - coverage via nonadmitted insurance that is sold by a surplus-lines broker.

Nonadmitted insurance cannot be sold if admitted insurance exists that can provide comparable coverage, and it can only be sold through a surplus-lines broker since in this case it is the broker who is regulated instead of the insurance company.

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