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2009 Advisor of the year finalists

What may seem like a silly contest is anything but, and this year's Advisor of the Year finalists have added significance. Not to take anything away from past winners, but the unprecedented market meltdown sets the bar that much higher. Separating the wheat from the chaff, earning their salt ... call it what you will, but this is the time for quality, professional boomer advisors to shine; their clients desperately need their retirement expertise.

Once again, we were heartened by the overwhelming number of qualified nominations. We'll announce the winner in our upcoming May issue. In the meantime, we spoke with all three finalists about what makes them unique and how they effectively serve their boomer clients.

Jacob Gold
Jacob Gold & Associates, Inc.
$300 million in Assets Under Management

Gold's enthusiasm is infectious, and it's hard not to get on board. It could be the exuberance of youth, since he's barely into his third decade, and already well past the $100 million AUM mark. He recognized the need for education and experience early, and received his CFP at age 24. Worth Magazine recognized Gold as one of America's top 250 wealth advisors in 2008, and CNBC regularly calls for his expertise. All well and good, but what, specifically, is he doing to aid his baby boomer clients?

"Monthly cash flow, net worth analysis, debt management, 1099 evaluation, insurance coverage, pension options, business succession planning and estate planning documents are all explored in order to correctly address all longevity and income issues. Once we have correctly assessed the financial strengths and weaknesses of the estate, a plan of capital preservation and long term capital growth are discussed. After several visits and hours analysis, the plan is agreed on and then implemented."

Paul Bennett & Stanley Corey
C5 Wealth Management
$750 million in Assets Under Management

When C5 Wealth Management does something, they do it right. Their entry package (and yes, it was a package) was probably the best we've seen. Biographies, detailed company information, personal interests, charitable involvement; and it's clear from the testimonial section that they love their clients and their clients love them. Paul Bennett and Stanley Corey have built a top-notch RIA, much of it on the "life's transitions" theme with which so many boomers can now identify. The detail and thoroughness contained in their entry translates to pretty much everything in their business. Spend even a little time on their Web site and you'll come away with all the information you need about them and their practice (maybe more than you need). There's a word to describe it, and appreciated by baby boomers now more than ever - transparency.

Don Schreiber, Jr.
WBI Investments
$300 million in Assets Under Management

We've known and liked Don Schreiber for quite a while, and he first appeared on the cover of our October 2006 issue. Whether it's through his books or numerous media appearances, his expertise on everything from dividend investing to building a high-net-worth practice has him in demand with advisors and boomers alike.

"It's amazing. I've heard so many advisors throw up their hands and say, 'Oh, well. We've done the best we can. Our boomer clients can't retire.'" Schreiber says. "No. We're their advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to clients. But it is a tough time. The last time we saw this level of systemic risk was the Great Depression. It took investors 24 years just to get back to even. We don't have that kind of time. If advisors' don't change their way of thinking they're out of business."

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