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Too much boomer love?

Around the kids, they're nothing if not supportive. But Sharon Jayson writes in USA Today that a growing number of baby boomer parents are freaking out inside.

According to Jayson, they don't want their adult children to know that they're getting worried, but these parents are sharing one concern at work, at the gym, at the grocery store or any place they can commiserate: Their offspring -- post-college degreed and in their mid- to late-20s -- still haven't a clue about what to do with their lives.

These young adults aren't slackers, she writes; they often have jobs to pay the rent and are seemingly on their own. But one of parents' biggest worries is whether their close relationships with their children may have stifled their self-sufficiency.

Jayson quotes Barry Schwartz, a psychology professor at Swarthmore College: Having too many options -- and the "anything is possible" mantra boomers inculcated in their children -- may have backfired for some young adults.

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