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What a wonderful world

We're the lay journalists; you're the financial experts. We realize this, and as a result, don't put too many constraints on the editorial submissions we receive. As long as it's of interest to our readers and devoid of any blatant promotional language, we'll take it (yeah, we're also a bit lazy). We try to have submissions fit with a particular issue's overall theme, but as I always say, I never want to try and "force a square peg through a round hole." If the topic is important enough, it should stand on its own.

Which brings us to this month's "The Fund Watch." We received four submissions, and all were variations of the same theme, global investing. Normally we'd freak and scramble for something new. Not this time. This certainly isn't by accident, and it's nothing new, but it reinforces what's happening in the domestic market and the desperate search for returns elsewhere. So we let the submissions stand. Each is unique in its discussion, and covers different sectors of the foreign market. I highly encourage you to take the time to read all four, but while you do so, remember good deals are still to be found here at home. Larry Kudlow believes financial stocks are close to bottom (and who can argue with ol' Larry?), and banks are taking the necessary steps to shore up their balance sheet for the long-term. Some U.S. retailers held up better than expected in February. And, as the Financial Times recently reported, "The U.S. services sector performed much better than expected last month, raising hopes that this bedrock of the U.S. economy is proving resistant to the threat of a domestic recession."

Yes, global investing should be a part of any properly diversified portfolio. Just ensure you clients' don't get too excited in their zeal for downturn relief.

Also this month, we've narrowed the Advisor of the Year to three finalists, all of whom represent the best of the best of what the advisor industry has to offer. Next month, the winner is revealed.

John P. Sullivan

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