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Ameritas Advisor Services

Ameritas Advisor Services, a division of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (Ameritas), recently added a Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) rider to the Ameritas No-Load Variable Annuity (NLVA). The rider brings
additional flexibility to Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs) who are assisting their clients in retirement income planning.

Variable annuities are long-term investments designed to supplement income during retirement. The Ameritas No-Load Variable Annuity, one of the lowest cost variable annuities in the marketplace, combined with the new GLWB rider, enables advisors to help their clients continue to build on their existing assets while providing a flexible guaranteed source of income during post-retirement years. The rider provides benefits that are rarely available on a no-load chassis, making the product one that is well suited to the needs of fee only RIAs and one that can fit seamlessly into a Broker/Dealer Managed Account Program for IARs..

"We provide RIAs and IARs with a low-cost and flexible method of providing client portfolios with guaranteed
income throughout retirement. This can solve a core need for income and provides fee only and fee based advisors with greater freedom to search for additional capital appreciation from other assets within the client's portfolio," says Mitch Politzer, senior vice president of Ameritas Advisor.

The NLVA with GLWB offers several advantages, such as low cost, tax-deferral; flexibility for the client to decide when and if they want to activate the rider at all (there is no additional cost to the client until the rider is activated); guaranteed withdrawals up to the lifetime withdrawal benefit amount -- regardless of the policy's value -- until the owner's death; and the latest in living benefit design features at a low cost compared to the competition.

"The variable annuity industry has been profoundly affected by the rise of living benefits," said Russell Wiltgen, FSA, MAAA, vice president of individual annuity product management for Ameritas. "Advisors have embraced the benefits as key selling points for variable annuities and the GLWB feature has been a driver of variable annuity sales. Ameritas is proud to launch its own state-of-the-art version of a benefit seen by many advisors as a 'must have.'"

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