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You're a genius/idiot

Reader response to an editorial in our weekly eNewsletter, Boomer Market Advisor WATCH, played out like a
microcosm of our divided electorate. Roughly half of respondents agreed with our assessment of candidate John Edwards, and 50 percent were strongly opposed. Many simply didn't like our foray into retirement politics. A sample of the comments we received:

"A salary 400 times that of the lowest paid worker is what the market demands? Please -- that is as outrageous as a 25,000 square foot home. I don't think hedge funds are to blame for the poor -- it is the lack of decent paying jobs. It would be much better if he were, say, involved with a company like Halliburton? Not sure what publications you read that give you insight to the poor man/woman." -- Patty Jenkins, Conservative Financial
Solutions, Harrison, Ohio

"As Edwards calls for more government regulation to "close the gap," let us not forget one of the primary reasons CEO pay is so high is the government cap of deductible salary at $1 million. It was this regulation that caused stock options to take on such a large role. Classically, the great majority of government programs result in the opposite of what they proclaim. The result is that employee retirement income is less secure than ever before. A very simple point is that governments don't create wealth, individuals do. If the goal is to make all individuals wealthier then let individuals create wealth, and let government stay out of the way." -- Victor Connor, President, Connor Financial Group, Wellington, Fla.

"You astutely recognize that he made his fortune in the courtroom, which rewarded his ability to argue a side without regard for, or being troubled by, the actual truth. I hope voters and the media will see past his facade." -- Rob O'Blennis, J.D., Overland Park, Kan.

"Please don't give me your right wing political propaganda. Most of us are sick and tired of Bush Republicanism, and desire a new direction for our country. So please, for the sake of people who still will take your publication (I am dropping the subscription), try to be fair and balanced (unlike Fox "News")." -- Mark Rogers, Aurora, Ill.

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