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Virtual Meeting Options

GoTo Meeting

Cost: Starting at $49 a month.

Mac/PC?: Can join from Mac, but not host meetings.

Hosted?Server based?: Both.

Bells and Whistles: Record meetings and archive on desktop, or have hosted on GoTo's servers.

WebCam Support: Not integrated.


Cost: Pay as you go model starts at 20 cents a minute. Recordings start at $100 per meeting.

Mac/PC?: Can view from Linux and Mac, but not host.

Hosted?Server based?: Hosted.

Bells and Whistles: Can record, and archive meetings which can be hosted or sent to user.

WebCam Support: Yes.

Acrobat Connect

Cost: Professional version starts at $10,000 a year. Simple version starts at $39 a month.

Mac/PC?: Can join and host from any platform because it runs on Flash.

Hosted?Server based?: Both.

Bells and Whistles: Runs on Flash, so no applet download required.

WebCam Support: Yes.


Cost: Starts at $75 a month for unlimited meetings with up to 15 people.

Mac/PC?: Can join and host from Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux.

Hosted?Server based?: Cannot be installed on own server.

Bells and Whistles: Can start recording on the fly.

WebCam Support: Supports up to six faces at one time.

Microsoft Live Meeting

Cost: Starts at $180 per user/per year, or 35 cents/minute. although pricing is currently being revised

Mac/PC?: Can join from Mac and Unix, but cannot host meetings.

Hosted?Server based?: Both. Customer service only with hosted version.

Bells and Whistles: Supports VoIP, so can conduct meeting through computer's audio.

WebCam Support: Not integrated with tool. Must use a partner solution.

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