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VoIP by the Numbers

Here are some of the major Voice over Internet Protocol providers, what you'll get with their services, and what you'll pay

Vonage - 866-243-4357

Pricing: Starts at $40 for limited minutes for one line

Number of Business Users: Up to six lines

Perqs: Call hunting, with a call rolling from one line to the next until answered; call forwarding customization later this year, directing where a call can go

Support SIP: Yes

Available: Now

Response Point

Pricing: Not yet announced

Number of Business Users: Up to 50

Perqs: Link into system from mobile phones; flexibility to toggle between PBX and VoIP.

Support SIP: Yes

Available: Summer 2007

Avaya - 866-GO-AVAYA - 866-462-8292

Pricing: Starts at about $395 per phone for small users; larger systems for 20 users start at approximately $11,000.

Number of Business Users: Peer-to-peer aimed at a few employees; other plans in its small business area are aimed at under 20 employees, and under 100

Perqs: Same-time conferencing for up to 64 people; syncs with Outlook, ACT, Goldmine, and Microsoft's CRM; voice activation eventually for smaller plans

Support SIP: Yes

Available: Now

Cisco - 877-604-1494

Pricing: $640 per user, per phone

Number of Business Users: 49 and under for its small business solution

Perqs: Video calling for up to three users; on-screen dialing; connects to Outlook address book

Support SIP: Yes

Available: Plans for 16 users and fewer now available; plans for up to 49 available this summer

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