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Early boomer retirement at 110

CNN recently reported on the findings of James Canton, a consultant on future trends to the likes of Motorola and the White House. Canton claims that advances in information technology, biotechnology, neuroscience, and nanotechnology will allow for radical advances in medicine and the treatment of diseases. The result? Life spans as long as 140 years.

"Once medicine becomes boldly proactive, then you're talking about eliminating 70, 80 percent of diseases," CNN quotes Canton as saying. "We're just on the edge of this. It's going to happen very shortly."

For readers tempted to dismiss Canton as an over-zealous quack, consider that he currently serves as a senior fellow at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and is an advisor to the National Science Foundation.

"Cancer and diabetes will be managed diseases in a decade," Canton adds. "Birthday parties for people who are 120, 140 will be commonplace."

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