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Key Success Criteria

Here's a sample of a one-page document to show clients how their plan will pay off.

Visionary Financial Advisors, LLC

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Key Success Criteria for Bob and Betty Bliss 11/9/2005

Positive Vision of the Future

o Live in a one-story, ranch-style home on at least two acres in the country

o Home is on a secluded lot with view, garden, pool, shop/studio, and office

o Generate income through investments, writing, publishing, and consulting

o Family and friends stay for extended visits, and we travel

o Stay fit and healthy forever

Key Values

o Autonomy

o Optimism

o Creativity

o Authenticity

o Health and fitness

o Ecology

Key Issues and Concerns

o Want to live in the Western U.S.

o Do not have children to look after us if we become disabled

o Need to take care of Bob's mother who lives in the Bay Area

o Need big enough home for four to six guests to stay with us

o Want to be able to afford a house cleaner

o Want to invest prudently and in alignment with our values

o Do not want to stop working until we have to

Key Goals

o Want to downshift and move to new home within five years

o Need to net at least $150,000 a year in 2005 dollars

o Stay healthy and vital as long as possible

o Be able to afford first-class medical care

o Continue to learn, love, laugh, and grow

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