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Key Benchmarks

1-yr annualized 3-yr annualized 5-yr annualized

Rtn. Std. Dev. Rtn. Std. Dev. Rtn. Std. Dev.

S&P 50022.81%8.77%-2.36%16.49%-2.25%16.86%

S&P/IFCI 55.4315.0615.8721.707.2522.62






Fund Stars Funds are ranked on a three-year Sharpe ratio relative to their peers. A 5 is assigned to the top 10% that also outperform their benchmark over 3 years. About the next 20% are ranked 4; 40% are 3; 20% are 2; and 10% are 1.

Standard Deviation Variability of a fund's return around its mean.

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