What Advisors Are Telling Clients

With markets in turmoil, read what the pros are sa

Is the stock market near a bottom? Many advisors and strategists are coming to that conclusion, and are communicating their feelings to clients in special newsletters and bulletins.

A number of pros have agreed to share their thoughts with their colleagues in the advisory community, and we have posted these newsletters for you to download and study at your leisure.

Brett Berry, Senior Vice President, Domestic Equities, Bailard, Biehl & Kaiser: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/BBK.pdf

Todd Taskey, Owner, Solutions Planning Group Inc.: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/toddtaskey.pdf

Bobbie Munroe, Fraser Financial: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/BobbieMunroeFraserFinancial.doc

Dan Moisand, President, Optimum Financial Group: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/DanMoisandOptimumFinancial.doc

Michael D. Hirsch,Vice President, The Advest Group, Inc.: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/EricAsendorfAdvest.doc

Jack Bonne, Gateway Asset: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/JackBonneGatewayAsset.doc

John R. (Dick) Power, Power Plans: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/JohnPowerPowerPlans.doc

Jeff Sessions, MNFPA: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/MNFPAJeffSessions.doc

Curt Weil, Weil Capital Management. LLC: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/CurtWeilWeilCapMnmt.doc

James D. Hallett: http://www.investmentadvisor.com/links/Hallett.doc

We'd appreciate hearing from other advisors who would be interested in sharing what they are telling clients right now. Just e-mail the newsletters to Staff Editor Megan Fowler at mfowler@ia-mag.com in text or pdf format, and we will post them at Investmentadvisor.com.

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