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10 best and worst states for military retirees

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A recent survey on WalletHub reveals that retirement for people in the military is usually harder than for civilians.

With the average officer retiree age hovering around 47 years old, or 43 years old for non-disability enlisted personnel, military retirees deal with their reintegration to civilian life, re-entering the job market, health issues and other hardships.

That’s why WalletHub, a personal finance website, decided to identify the best and worst states that offer a comfortable military retirement. The report ranks all 50 states on 20 key metrics, which range from “numbers of veterans per capita” to “number of VA health facilities per 10,000 veterans” (you can read all of the metrics and methodology here). The states are ranked in three main areas: economic environment rank, quality of life rank and health care rank.

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Here are the top 10 best and worst states for military retirees:

Top 10 best:

Charleston, South Carolina

10. South Carolina

Economic environment rank: 6.

Quality of life rank: 8.

Health care rank: 34.


9. Hawaii

Economic environment rank: 5.

Quality of life rank: 24.

Health care rank: 17.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

8. North Dakota

Economic environment rank: 20.

Quality of life rank: 36.

Health care rank: 3.

New Hampshire

7. New Hampshire

Economic environment rank: 8.

Quality of life rank: 5.

Health care rank: 28.

Main is among the best place in the country for military retirees.

6. Maine

Economic environment rank: 30.

Quality of life rank: 3.

Health care rank: 13.

Miami, Florida

5. Florida

Economic environment rank: 22.

Quality of life rank: 9.

Health care rank: 6.

Jackson's Hole, Wyoming

4. Wyoming

Economic environment rank: 4.

Quality of life rank: 7.

Health care rank: 4.

Glacier National Park

3. Montana

Economic environment rank: 37.

Quality of life rank: 1.

Health care rank: 1.

South Dakota is among the best states in the country for military retirees.

2. South Dakota

Economic environment rank: 11.

Quality of life rank: 15.

Health care rank: 2.

Anchorage, Alaska

1. Alaska

Economic environment rank: 1.

Quality of life rank: 2.

Health care rank: 25.

Top 10 worst:

Little Rock, Arkansas

10. Arkansas

Economic environment rank: 40.

Quality of life rank: 35.

Health care rank: 37.


9. Nevada

Economic environment rank: 13.

Quality of life rank: 40.

Health care rank: 51.

New York City

8. New York

Economic environment rank: 48.

Quality of life rank: 48.

Health care rank: 8.

Salt Lake City, Utah

7. Utah

Economic environment rank: 12.

Quality of life rank: 49.

Health care rank: 43.

Hartford, Connecticut

6. Connecticut

Economic environment rank: 43.

Quality of life rank: 27.

Health care rank: 45.

Washington Monument

5. District of Columbia

Economic environment rank: 39.

Quality of life rank: 50.

Health care rank: 31.

Indianapolis, Indiana

4. Indiana

Economic environment rank: 31.

Quality of life rank: 46.

Health care rank: 46.

Portland, Oregon

3. Oregon

Economic environment rank: 47.

Quality of life rank: 47.

Health care rank: 29.

New Jersey boardwalk

2. New Jersey

Economic environment rank: 46.

Quality of life rank: 37.

Health care rank: 47.

Providence, Rhode Island

1. Rhode Island

Economic environment rank: 51.

Quality of life rank: 34.

Health care rank: 50.

To see the original post on WalletHub, go here.

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