On Wednesday, Jan. 26, AdvisorOne’s editors are launching the first in a four-part free Webinar series on where, and how, advisors should be investing now to enhance return while managing risk. Programmed by the editors of Investment Advisor and Research magazines and AdvisorOne.com, the first Webinar in the series—each of which are pre-approved for one hour of continuing education (CE) credit from the CFP Board of Standards—will focus on the use of volatility in a client’s portfolio.

Presenting the results of new research from Prima Capital that will appear in IMCA’s Spring Investment Management Journal, Kate McBride, editor of the Wealth channel on AdvisorOne, will moderate the hour-long discussion at 3:00 PM Eastern time with Prima Capital CIO Cliff Stanton (left) on the pros and cons of using the VIX volatility index—or ETFs that mimic the VIX—as a non-correlative asset class.

Also participating in the Jan. 26 Webinar is Bill Luby (right), now a private investor and author of the popular Vix and More blog, who earlier this month wrote a guest editorial for Barron's describing the ways to include volatility in a portfolio.

The second Webinar, on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2010, also at 3:00-4:00 PM EST, will feature Ben Warwick (left) of Aspen Partners, and the long-time writer of the Searching for Alpha newsletter. In a session moderated by AdvisorOne Editor Jamie Green, Warwick will follow up on his January cover story for Investment Advisor on where to find returns in 2011 with an exploration of what metrics to consider when investing in the post-credit crunch New World. 

To register for the Jan. 26 event and for more information, please visit our registration page at AdvisorOne.com.

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