Putnam Investments has launched a new Wealth Management Center for financial advisors and clients, accessible through Putnam’s advisor website. The center includes information, ideas and tools addressing the latest developments around taxes, retirement and estate planning, insurance, investments and other wealth-related strategies.

Financial advisors can access the Wealth Management Center either directly at www.putnam.com/wmc or via the Putnam advisor homepage at www.putnam.com/advisor.

“We want to help our advisor clients grow their businesses and help them in their conversations with their own clients,” said Bill Cass, Putnam Investments senior vice president, Putnam Retail Management, who is also a frequent blogger on the Wealth Management Center. On Tuesday, for example, he wrote a blog post for the site about how the disappearance of the estate tax means now is a good time to review documents.

Wealth Management Center’s information is updated at least weekly with timely content designed for advisors who already have a relationship with Putnam Investments, Cass added.

Since Robert L. Reynolds became Putnam’s president and chief executive officer in 2008, the company has deepened its commitment to financial advisors, emphasizing the use of technology, especially the web, to provide advisors with the tools and information they need to assist their clients.

“Wealth management planning has never been more challenging,” said Jeffrey R. Carney, Putnam Investments Head of Global Marketing, Products and Retirement, in a news release about the launch.

“Increasingly, clients look to their advisors for what is called needs-based investing, in which advisors help them address specific needs and goals – everything from helping them address longevity, market, taxes and inflation risks to helping them generate sufficient income in retirement,” Carney said. “These are complex needs, and financial advisors need the most advanced information and planning tools at their disposal to help their clients achieve their goals. The new Putnam Wealth Management Center provides advisors and their clients with a single source for all of Putnam’s wealth planning resources and strategies.”

The Wealth Management Center offers a timely “planning idea of the week” to help advisors engage their clients about solutions and business-building opportunities. It also provides links to all of Putnam’s existing content, including investor education literature, financial planning videos, client seminars and online tools. These are posted by wealth management category: retirement/income, taxes, college savings, insurance/risk management, estate and wealth transfer, and investments.

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