How to Craft Benefits Packages that Bridge Generations

Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017
Time: 2pm ET | 11 am PT
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Because a multitude of generations now fill offices across the country, a one-size-fits-all benefits program cannot possibly meet everyone’s demands. What a young millennial just starting out needs is quite different from what a boomer looking toward a quality retirement wants – not to mention all of those with distinctive needs in the life stages between those two groups.

Join this complimentary webcast to dive into the imperative demand benefits professionals, employers, and HR representatives must meet when it comes to customizing benefits packages, as well as learn how to effectively communicate to a workforce that digests information differently. Attendees will also:

  • Learn how to personalize benefits packages for specific generations - including how to address employees’ actual financial risk vs. perceived needs

  • Get a closer look at benefits recommendations specifically for Millennials and Generation Z

  • Understand which benefits are most important for recruitment and retention

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SkilesAmy Christofis
Client Account Executive
Connecture, Inc

Amy Christofis is a Client Account Executive at Connecture, Inc. Amy has emerged as a leader at the intersection of the broker community, millennials, and benefits technology. At Connecture, Amy works with brokers and employers on implementing technology that makes enrollment and management of employee benefits simple, intuitive, and informative. She believes that the right employee benefits approach can help employees lead happier and healthier lives.



Aflac herein means American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus.


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