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Essential Advisor Bill Shiffman on Being Proactive

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“Coming out of an accounting background, most accountants are reactive,” Schiffman says.

SMA Manager of the Year Libby Toudouze on Energy and Growth

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“Unless you can think of anything in your life, in your clients’ [lives], where they’re going to use less energy,...

SMA Manager of the Year James Donald on Taking Risks

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“We do invest in places that ... might be highly risky, but we think [that] in our process, we take...

SMA Manager of the Year Jon Christensen on Valuation and Business Analysis

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“We want to find businesses that have some sort of sustainable advantage, companies that can grow, protect and sustain over...

SMA Manager of the Year Todd Solomon on Beating Passive Investors

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Congress Asset Management uses a strategy best described as “steady as she goes.”