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SMA Manager of the Year Matt Patsky on the Mainstreaming of Impact Investing

Provided by ThinkAdvisor

Ten years from now, everyone will be an impact investor, says Matt Patsky of Trillium Asset Managment.

SMA Manager of the Year Dan Meyer on Hitting Home Runs

Provided by ThinkAdvisor

Today, portfolio managers tend to concentrate on short-term performance that “has a tendency to hit home runs,” says Pacific Income...

SMA Manager of the Year Brendan Clark on Diversifying Your Methodology

Provided by ThinkAdvisor

“Obviously, we believe in diversification of asset class, but we take it one step further and even diversify our methodology,"...

SMA Manager of the Year Andy Bischel on Market Dysfunction and Fundamentals

Provided by ThinkAdvisor

“Markets routinely overshoot the true change in the underlying fundamentals, whether it's earnings deterioration or a valuation issue,” SKBA's Bischel...

Essential Advisor Mehul Mistry on Being the Grownup in Client Relationships

Provided by ThinkAdvisor

“Part of being a planner is being a psychologist, being a counselor, sometimes being a parent to our clients,” Mistry...

Essential Advisor Kyle Imhof on Educating Clients

Provided by ThinkAdvisor

“A big part of our methodology and our mission is serving other people,” Imhof says.

Will It Last As Long As Your Clients Do?

Provided by Prudential

1 in 7 men and 1 in 4 women are expected to live to age 95. That’s a long time...

APPcelerate Automated Underwriting Process

Provided by Legal & General America

Your clients may qualify for lab-free underwriting through APPcelerate, from Legal & General America. Applicants who do not qualify will...

A Teacher’s Lesson Plan

Provided by Prudential

Troy, a professor who has spent his life helping others, now finds himself needing to catch up with planning for...