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China Antitrust Enforcement Harms Multinationals After Turkish Election, Investors Voice Concerns 5 Big Effects of Beijing Coal Ban Ebola Virus Calls for Increased Responsibility From Companies Mining in West Africa

Works for Me: Advisor Profiles

Bryant Financial: International Investing 'Smooths Out the Risk'
Bryant uses a number of managers to invest in developed and emerging markets in Europe, Asia and Brazil. Read More
With Flexible Mandate, Henderson’s Barnard Finds Global Bond Opportunities
Manager Jenna Barnard has a flexible mandate to maximize total returns through active asset allocation among a range of fixed-income instruments. Read More

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While many soccer fans were ecstatic at Brazil's hosting of this year's World Cup festivities—the most expensive ever, at an estimated $11.5 billion—many others were not so sanguine about the cost of the show. Read More