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Works for Me: Advisor Profiles

Saturna Seeks to Generate High Income Through Flexible Fund
More investors look to generate high income through their investments, but in a world where yields are low, that isn’t easy. Read More
International Stocks Provide 'Variety of Risk' for Portfolios
Carl Macko relies on actively managed funds from smaller, boutique asset managers to build his majority-international stocks portfolios. Read More

Regional Snapshot

Sweden’s normally healthy economy slowed during the overall Great Recession, but rebounded in 2010 on strong exports and a profitable banking sector. However, the slowdown elsewhere—namely the EU, where Sweden sends most of its exports—caused its economy to drop again in 2013. And now a rejection of the government’s latest proposed budget by a minority anti-immigration party could bring turmoil to what’s normally a pretty organized government, and thus bring uncertainty to investments. Read More