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International Stocks Provide 'Variety of Risk' for Portfolios
Carl Macko relies on actively managed funds from smaller, boutique asset managers to build his majority-international stocks portfolios. Read More
Flexible International Concentrated Equity Fund Yields Targeted Results
Jason White believes that the best way to maximize the opportunities that international markets offer is to take a targeted and focused approach. Read More

Regional Snapshot

The Netherlands, the sixth largest economy in the euro zone, has had its share of woes thanks to the financial crisis, although it’s by no means been as poorly off as some of its euro zone neighbors. Still, it’s had its problems. The global crisis affected the Dutch economy in a number of ways, one of which was its large dependence on the export of goods and services—which made up 80% of its GDP, nearly twice the average in Europe, at the time. The slowing global economy meant that its exports took a hit, driving up unemployment—which is still high, though not as bad as in, say, Spain. Read More