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2012 Top Wealth Managers

Top Wealth Manager

This is the 12th year that AdvisorOne (and its predecessor publications) have surveyed, analyzed and ranked the Top Wealth Managers. As in years past, we solicited RIA firms who self-identified as wealth managers to provide us with details on their firms, and have created a database that allows a reader to view all the Top Wealth Manager survey participants by total assets under management, along with various other measures, including average AUM per client.

We invite you to visit the 2012 Top Wealth Managers home page for more data, analysis and profiles of the top firms.

As in years past as well, we enlisted the professional expertise of Philip Palaveev and Jonathan McQuade of The Ensemble Practice to analyze the Wealth Managers' data in aggregate, while preserving each firm's anonymity on key metrics such as revenue and profitability. The analysis yields a clear picture of how wealth management firms are faring now and over time, providing the firms themselves and the entire industry with insight into how the Top Wealth Managers are performing, what their concerns are, and how they plan on growing revenue and profitability.

The 100 Top Wealth Managers for 2012—By Client AUM

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