Top Wealth Managers

Welcome to the 2012 AdvisorOne Top Wealth Manager and Top 500 RIAs Annual Survey and Ranking

This year marks our 12th annual survey and ranking of RIA firms, and this year we are encouraging all SEC- and state-registered RIA firms to participate in our survey.

Those who complete the entire survey and have a minimum of $100 million in AUM will be eligible to be listed as a Top Wealth Manager; those who complete the first part of the survey only and who have AUM of less than $100 million will still be eligible for inclusion in our listing of the Top 500 RIA firms.

The rankings and listings will be made public this summer in Investment Advisor magazine and on All participating firms will also be invited to receive our new RIA Report electronic newsletter.

The survey is open from May 8 through June 20, 2012, at

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for both the Top Wealth Managers and Top 500 RIAs lists, a firm must:

  • be either an SEC- or State-registered investment advisor with its own IARD number
  • have minimum assets under management of $50 million for Top 500 RIAs list, and minimum AUM of $100 million for the Top Wealth Managers list
  • offer financial planning services to individual clients

The following are not eligible to participate in either the Top Wealth Managers or Top 500 RIAs lists:

  • Banks
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Trust Companies
  • Branches of independent broker-dealers
  • Subsidiaries of larger companies, unless they meet all other requirements and file their own ADV

Key Points:

Definition of Total AUM: The firm's assets under management, both discretionary and non-discretionary as defined by Form ADV, plus other assets not reported on Form ADV for which an advisory or management fee is charged.

Commission Assets Are Ineligible: This category includes brokerage account assets and any assets on which the firm received an immediate or ongoing service commission or trail.

Definition of Client Relationships: The total number of clients that the firm has under advisement. This does not mean accounts, as several advisory accounts may be part of a client's assets under advisement. Married couples count as one client; their children, if adults, may be counted separately.

Definition of the Top Wealth Managers: The Top Wealth Managers overall annual ranking is based on average assets under management (AUM) per client as defined above; only firms with at least $100 million in total AUM are eligible to be named a Top Wealth Manager. RIA firms that complete the entire survey will be eligible for inclusion in the Top 500 RIAs list.

Definition of the Top 500 RIAs: Our new listing of the top 500 RIA firms in the country will be based on total assets under management. Since many formerly SEC-registered RIA firms may be in transition to state oversight, we encourage all RIA firms with $50 million or more in AUM to participate.

When Taking the Survey:

  1. All data requested on the survey should be for your firm as of 12/31/11.
  2. We recommend you print the entire survey before filling it in, so you can make sure all the information you need is at hand. Most of the information can be pulled from your Form ADV.
  3. Follow instructions carefully. Some questions have detailed explanations.
  4. Failure to answer relevant questions may result in disqualification.
  5. Be careful in completing your survey. Once you complete the survey by hitting the submit button, you cannot access it again. Should you realize that you need to make a correction, please contact us at with details of your correction(s), and your CRD number.
  6. This online survey is the only way to participate in the survey. Forms sent to us by regular mail, email, fax, or any other system will not be accepted.
  7. We do not confirm a firm's place in the ranking in advance. We cannot confirm receipt of the survey. We recommend printing a copy of the survey when you have completed it.
  8. A full range of reprint options will be available from PARS International, our exclusive reprints agent. Keith Williams, PARS,

Problems and Questions: Please email with any questions or concerns. Since many firms have similar names, please include your IARD number with any query so we can identify your entry.