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2010 Top Wealth Managers

What's on the Minds of the 2010 Top Wealth Managers?

Wealth Manager is proud to present the 10th annual Top Wealth Managers survey results, rankings and analysis. The firms that participate in the Top Wealth Managers survey are the lion's share of the largest, most established registered investment advisors (RIAs), in America—the ones that our survey partner, Fusion Advisor Network President Philip Palaveev, says are "the ones every RIA wants to be when they grow up." Read "What's on the Minds of the Top Wealth Managers."

For this 10th anniversary, we present a new way of looking at our Top Wealth Managers rankings. It's a sortable database that enables you to see firms ranked on many different attributes. As always, we rank firms on average assets under management per client for the annual ranking. Now, you'll also be able to view firms alphabetically, by total AUM, city or state, or minimum fee. See the Top Wealth Managers Rankings and Database.

2010 Top Wealth Managers: The Regulatory Breeze from Washington

2010 is a landmark year for financial services of all kinds—given ongoing tumult in the economy and markets and proposed legislation that is emanating from Washington. Change may be the watchword for this year and next—and registered investment advisors will feel it along with nearly every other financial services entity. Read complete article.

Special Report: 2010 Top Wealth Managers

Managing a Top Wealth Manager today is a lot like driving a racecar--it is all about the art of knowing when to push the brake and when to step on the accelerator.  A little too soon and you can crash, a little too late and you can be left behind. Read Philip Palaveev's complete analysis of the 2010 Top Wealth Manager Survey Results.

2010 Top Wealth Manager Rankings

Ranked by Average AUM Per Client.


Ever wonder what makes the Top Wealth Managers tick? These firms have stories as diverse as their average assets per client or their AUM. In the profiles below, executives from several of the Top Wealth Managers--at various asset levels--provide their insights and their outlook. There's something for everyone here.

Rankings and Analysis

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Top Wealth Managers Quarterly Pulse—Q2 2010 presents the latest data and analysis for the top RIA firms in America, with Philip Palaveev's quarterly analysis, Top Wealth Managers Q2 2010: Lowered Expectations. Our quarterly ranking of the 50 Top Wealth Managers by AUM as of June 30, 2010 top provides wealth managers with timely information about their top RIA peer group. Where do you fit in?

Special Analysis: Top Wealth Managers Q2 2010: Lowered Expectations

Ranking: 50 Top Wealth Managers by AUM for Q2 2010