Investing Guides

Master Limited Partnerships

This guide describes the growth fundamentals of master limited partnerships and is published in partnership with the Master Limited Partnership Association.

REIT Investing Guide

Experts describe the important role of real estate investment trusts in investors' portfolios in this guide, produced in partnership with the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Natural Gas Investing Guide

This guide looks at the current dynamics and growth potential of the natural gas energy sector, as well as the 62 publicly traded firms in it. It is produced in partnership with the American Gas Association.

ETF Investing Guide

This supplement describes key differences between various exchange-traded funds and ETF sectors. It includes a full listing of ETFs and interviews with top ETF experts on the years investment trends.

Electric Utility Investing Guide

With an overview of the benefits of electric-utility investing and the sector’s outlook, as described by portfolio managers, this guide is published in partnership with the Edison Electric Institute, which has some 60 shareholder-owned electric utilities as members.

Oil & Gas Investing Guide

This guide highlights the outlook for publicly traded Exploration & Production companies and the energy markets they serve. It is published in partnership with the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

International Investing Guide

Sponsored by OTC Markets, this supplement focuses on trends in global investing, with views from portfolio managers and other experts on the debt crisis in Greece, bright spots in Eastern Europe and related trends.