With client satisfaction surveys, it's way more than "a penny for your thoughts."

Can a few questions be the answer to business growth? They can if they're part of a well-crafted client survey. In addition to being a tangible demonstration to your clients that you are serious about your quality of service to them, firms that formally survey their clients have 31 percent higher revenue versus those who do not.* This paper will show you why surveys can be a powerful—and valuable—two-way conversation with your clients.

You'll learn:

How surveys can strengthen your relationships with your clients and help increase the likelihood they will refer friends and family to you

The effect client demographics can have on your survey results and how to work more effectively with each demographic

Why being your clients' "key person" can actually be costly to your business—and what to do about it

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Brand perception
Too much oversight/micromanagement
Poor Service/Support

* Cetera Advisors LLC and Business Health Pty Ltd. (2011). The Pulse of Practice Health: An Insight into the Health of Elite Advisors' Firms. Page 7.

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