Victor Gaxiola

Victor Gaxiola

Vice President of Sales & Marketing


As vice president of sales and marketing at Lirio, the maker of Finworx, Victor Gaxiola evangelizes the innovation and adoption of technology to improve business communications and human connection. As a former financial advisor, social media consultant and tech advocate, Victor has both participated and driven the evolving adoption of social/digital technology in regulated industries.

Today, he brings persona-based marketing techniques to improve customer messaging, increasing relevance that drives customer behavior and action.

Victor is motivated to challenge the status quo, and is active in industry events as a thought leader and speaker. He frequently contributes to the conversations in digital transformation, innovation, and communications in the financial services and utilities space providing insights and thought leadership on behalf of Lirio.

As a lifelong learner, Victor enjoys the chase of constant improvement and staying abreast of the latest developments in technology and innovation. His natural curiosity to learn and grow extends to his personal life where travel, good food, and good company are all part of the mix.