Mike Henkel

Mike Henkel

Head of Achaean Solutions

Achaean Financial

Mike Henkel is Head of Achaean Solutions at Achaean Financial, a privately held company that aims to bring together an alliance of ideas, tools and strategic partners to help financial firms create sound retirement income solutions. As with the Achaean League in ancient Greece, Achaean believes an alliance is stronger than the power of any one firm.

Prior to Achaean, Mike was co-head of Envestnet’s Portfolio Management Consultants group (PMC) and led the Retirement Services Group. Prior to 2008 when he started with Envestnet, Mike worked with Roger Ibbotson, founding partner of Zebra Capital Management, on the development of a variety of index-related investment products. He is also the former president of Ibbotson Associates.

Before joining Ibbotson, Henkel worked in a variety of companies integrating technology, data, and investments, including Knight Ridder, Lotus Development Corp, NewsEdge Corp, and Data Resources. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from Rhodes College and his master’s in finance and quantitative methods from Vanderbilt University.