Matt Osborne

Matt Osborne

Chief Investment Officer

Altegris Advisors

Matt Osborne is co-founder and chief investment officer of Altegris.

Matt Osborne has more than 22 years of international business and financial market experience. As a co-founder of the Altegris group of companies, an Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Altegris Advisors, and a senior advisor of other affiliates, Mr. Osborne is responsible for Strategic Initiatives. Prior to co-founding Altegris, Mr. Osborne was Director of Research for the Managed Investments Division of Man Financial.

Mr. Osborne had a 12-year career with a preeminent family office in his native New Zealand. In his role as Investment Manager, he was responsible for formulating investment policies and implementing a global asset allocation program that specialized in alternative investment strategies such as hedge funds and managed futures. He also gained significant trading expertise in foreign currencies, stocks, fixed income, global futures, and options.

Mr. Osborne actively participates in the Vistage Key Executives Business Coaching Program, a ~14,500 member organization that serves as the world’s foremost executive leadership association.