Jeff Joseph

Jeff Joseph

Managing Partner

Prescient Capital Partners

Jeff Joseph has been been a managing partner of Prescient Capital Partners since co-founding the firm in 1999 making direct angel and venture capital investments in early and mezzanine-stage healthcare, lifesciences, internet, technology, entertainment/media, retail and hospitality companies. They have participated in a number of highly visible and profitable liquidity events. Additionally, they provide strategic consulting services to help entrepreneurs and CEOs of start-up, emerging and established companies to access the resources that they require to grow their businesses.

A former Investment Advisor, Joseph has always been a proponent of non-traditional and forward-thinking investment opportunities, asset classes and alternative strategies such as venture capital, private equity, real estate, hedged and managed futures trading strategies and other vehicles that seek asymmetric investment outcomes.

Up until 2007, he was the managing director of Alternative Strategies for Rydex Investments, and was responsible for investment product origination, development and investment management of the firm’s proprietary institutional alternative trading strategies. The alternative investment products that his team developed included the mutual fund industry’s first multi-strategy absolute return fund and the first managed futures fund offering daily liquidity. Their new product slate attracted billions in new assets. Prior to Rydex, Jeff held managing director positions at Hedgeworld Capital Markets in Rye, NY and Hedge Fund Research in Chicago, IL.

Jeff maintains a blog ( for family offices, angel investors, investment advisors and entrepreneurs that addresses a variety of topics relating to private venture investment and finance. He has been a monthly contributing columnist to Investment Advisor since 2002.