Geoff Davey

Geoff Davey

Cofounder and Director


Geoff Davey is a cofounder and director of FinaMetrica. He is the creator of the FinaMetrica Risk Profiling system and manages FinaMetrica's ongoing research activities and relationships with academic and research institutions.

Geoff has an international reputation for expertise in risk tolerance and its role in the financial planning process. Geoff has been an invited speaker on these topics at financial planning conferences in Australia, NZ, the US, the UK, Malaysia and Canada. Geoff has written numerous journal articles and white papers.

Prior to FinaMetrica, he was a pioneer of financial planning in Australia. The firm he founded in 1972 was amongst the first to offer a financial planning service. By the time Geoff sold out to his five partners in 1989, the firm had 100 staff in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and was widely acknowledged as being an industry leader.

Geoff is a member of the Australian Financial Planning Association, an international member of the US Financial Planning Association and a past Chair of the US FPA's Asia-Pacific Focus Group.