Chris Shayne

Chris Shayne


CFA, BondDesk

Chris Shayne, CFA, a director with BondDesk Group LLC, writes the Fixed Income Focus blog for E-mail Chris here.

Chris is committed to improving transparency in the opaque world of fixed income. When it comes to investing, he believes that knowledge is power, and he is constantly in search of hidden market trends that can help advisors better service their clients. At BondDesk he spends his time analyzing data from the retail bond markets, looking for useful patterns that can lead to smarter investment decisions. Chris has spent the past decade working on both the institutional and retail side of fixed income.

BondDesk Group is a leading fixed-income technology firm whose Alternative Trading System, run by BondDesk Trading LLC, is one of the nation's largest fixed income trading destinations.

Our advanced trading and wealth management solutions provide financial advisors, individual investors, and middle market asset managers access to a competitive, transparent multi-dealer market.