Research Magazine September 2012

Cover Story

  • A Bold New Direction

    On Jan. 21, 2013, either a re-elected President Obama or a newly elected President Romney will face economic trouble and congressional stubbornness. Here’s a bold way through.


Editor's Note

  • We Have Not Been Saved

    While Nouriel Roubini or Jeremy Grantham can be counted on to deliver prophecies of doom dressed up in the dismal prose of the economics profession, the original doomsayer—the prophet Jeremiah—expressed himself far more vividly, and his poetry speaks to our times.


  • Cold Calling 2012

    I need your help to find out which cold calling scripts and lists work best and what unique strategies may be out there.

  • Africa’s Chance

    Sub-Saharan Africa didn’t suffer as much in the 2008 global financial crisis as the rest of the world, since it lacked both large banks and sophisticated financial infrastructure, and its levels of consumer and government debt were relatively low.

  • Balancing Retirement Risks

    How much should a new retiree spend each year?


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