Research Magazine November 2012


Editor's Note

  • Ground-Floor Opportunity

    While the decision voters make in just a few days has the potential to launch the economy on a path of economic growth, it is possible and perhaps likely that the next several years will be financially unrewarding.


  • Cold Call Rewrite

    I wrote about cold calling in my September and October columns and asked readers to take my survey. Here’s the most poignant of 142 answers I got to the question, “What is the most difficult part of the cold calling process?"

  • Should Advisors Run for Office?

    FPA head Paul Auslander recently argued advisors should get more interested in public office. Why, though, has the interest been so modest to begin with?

  • Advisor Impossible

    Have you noticed how many reality television shows there are these days?

  • No Quick Fix

    No matter who ends up on top in this year’s closely fought presidential election—billed by both Republicans and Democrats as the most important in a generation—don’t get too excited about the winner’s ability to “fix” the economy.

  • Dividend Limits

    High dividend strategies seem to go in and out of favor.


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