Research Magazine May 2012


  • Legacy Builder

    Picture the ubiquitous “Plan Ahead” poster. You know, the one with the little orphaned “d” because not enough room was left in the allotted space for it to fit in.

  • A Strategy for Affording College

    Faced with massive budget deficits, state legislators across the country are looking to chop college education funding to fill the gaps.

  • Marketing Advisors Like iPhones

    Financial advisors are famously clueless about marketing — and that’s too bad. Because it is your brand — your firm’s unique signature — that keeps clients coming back.

  • Guy Kawasaki on `Enchantment’

    In his book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, bestselling business guru Guy Kawasaki says that if you want to get people on your side, you have to enchant them.

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