Investment Advisor March 2015




  • Why Do You Exist?

    You have an opportunity to translate your mission — why you do what you do — into a compelling draw for both employees and clients.

  • Keeping Up With the Robo-Race

    Efforts to help advisors beat back potential competition from robo-advisors continues this year with two recent offerings—one born of a collaboration between Vanare and NestEgg Wealth, and another from social media company Hearsay Social.

  • Do Financial Advisors Need to Be Economists?

    In their book “Big Picture Economics,” Joel Naroff and Ron Scherer tell the story of Greg Parker, who took the convenience store his father built and parlayed it into the Parker Companies.

  • Stay in Your Lane

    When confusion and misunderstandings prevent employees from working efficiently, firm owners need to provide direction.


Sidebar Stories

  • Tibergien and Pershing: Growth in US and Abroad

    In February, Mark Tibergien and the firm he leads, Pershing Advisor Solutions, won honors at the 2014 Private Asset Management award: for PAS, the Private Banking-Innovation award and for Tibergien, an Outstanding Contribution award, recognizing his “business management, transition planning and strategy formulation” accomplishments.

  • Health Trumps Financial Security for Retirees

    Over 80% of retirees feel health is the most important part of a happy retirement, according to a survey by Merrill Lynch. By comparison, 58% of respondents said financial security was most important.

  • The Third Rail of American Politics Is Live

    The Congressional Budget Office's economic outlook for the next 10 years, released in late January, found that the federal deficit will balloon to 4% of GDP by 2025 from 2.8% today, thanks in large part to entitlement programs like Social Security.

  • While Waiting for Social Security, Whither Retirement Income?

    William Meyer of Social Security Solutions discusses where clients who delay benefits until 70 should draw income in the meantime.

  • Three Rules of Moral Behavior

    Ronald Duska is a recognized leader in helping business executives and financial professionals learn the principles of ethical decision making.

  • Why Such Distrust?

    Financial services continues to be the least trusted industry globally, according to the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer.

  • Raymond James Backtracks on Chargebacks

    Raymond James has reversed a decision that would have required some advisors to cover fund fees and charges being refunded to clients after getting pushback from advisors.