Investment Advisor March 2012




  • Turning Inside Out

    Generally speaking, activities that are core to your brand and offering should be managed in house while those activities that are incidental or supplemental to your vision and strategy make good choices for outsourcing.

  • Post-Election Estate Tax Fix?

    Tax issues will figure prominently in the goings-on in Washington this presidential election year, with the consensus among tax specialists being that Congress is most likely to address the estate tax when it decides late this year whether to extend the Bush tax cuts.

  • Everything Old is New Again

    I recently received an email from an advisor who took issue with much of the premise behind my November 2011 Investment Advisor column: “Not Your Father’s Commodity Investments.”

  • Sticks and Stones

    I recently received a letter from a reader that raised a very important topic: verbal abuse in the workplace.

Sidebar Stories

  • Advisors Weigh In on Presidential Race

    A recent poll of individual advisor members of the Financial Services Institute (FSI) found that those representatives overwhelmingly believe former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will win the Republican presidential nomination, the Senate will shift to Republican control and that the economy will stay flat while taxes will go up.