Investment Advisor June 2015





Sidebar Stories

  • Physics and Innovation

    While I’ve never seen any good research on the topic, anecdotally I’ve met many investment advisors who have hard-science backgrounds, at least on the undergraduate level, and areas like economics and mathematics are at least sciences (our own Ben Warwick has undergraduate degrees in chemical engineering, physics and chemistry, in...

  • Are Women More Open to Dealing With the New?

    Will new robo-assistant technology find faster adoption among women? Kim Dellarocca, managing director of Pershing LLC, won't be surprised if that's the case. She pointed out that women juggling career and family are especially time-pressured, and hence may be more strongly attracted to digital efficiencies.

  • Is it Time to Switch to An Apple-Based Platform?

    Whenever you are thinking about upgrading to a new operating system, it is also a good time to evaluate switching operating systems entirely. Not that the release of Windows 10 alone should directly influence your firm in changing to an Apple-based platform, but you should review and reconfirm your criteria...

  • SEC, FINRA Issue Robo-Advisor Warning

    Robo-advisors have been newsworthy for some time, but a new level was reached in early May when Vanguard announced the launch of Vanguard Personal Advisor Services, a hybrid approach that combines robo-advisor technology and real advisors.