Investment Advisor February 2014





Sidebar Stories

  • Harold and Fiduciary

    We knew Harold Evensky has been a proponent of the fiduciary standard for advice givers for some time and that he was a leading light of the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard. So we asked the Institute’s co-founder, Knut Rostad, to comment on Evensky’s contributions.—Ed.

  • Harold and the Media

    Several years ago, an advisor friend pulled me aside at a conference. “This Harold Evensky guy; I don’t get it,” he said.

  • Harold and His Writings

    In addition to serving as a source for hundreds of articles, Harold Evensky has written many articles on topics like the changing equity risk premium and the bucket approach to retirement income planning.

  • SEC Takes Aim at Rollovers, Never-Before Examined IAs

    The Securities and Exchange Commission announced its examination priorities for 2014 in mid-January, and like FINRA, the SEC will also focus on advisor and broker-dealer IRA rollover activity this year.

  • Too Many Choices = No Decisions

    Studies have shown that offering people too many choices may cause them to stick with the status quo—a tactic that can be useful if clients want to change from an agreed-on plan to something that isn’t in their best interest.

  • Other Items on Your Security Checklist

    Protecting your computer is an all-hands-on-deck endeavor, as I was clearly reminded. Another area that you should review is to make sure that your computer is regularly installing Windows updates, which is generally accomplished when you shut down your machine. Also, make sure that the Windows firewall is turned on....