Investment Advisor February 2013




  • The Human Capital Dilemma

    Only 22% of the advisor population is under the age of 40, and with the average age of advisors in their 50s, the business is suffering from a growing cultural gap between advisors and clients, as well as a significant age gap between advisors and others in the business.

  • Emboldened Borzi Is Back

    Bolstered by another four years in her position under a re-elected Obama administration, Phyllis Borzi is adamant that EBSA’s fiduciary rule will see the light of day this year.

  • Talking ‘Bout My Generation

    Some 20 years ago, financial editor and writer Joe Nocera (now an op-ed columnist for The New York Times) explained to a group of us editors at Worth Magazine why our baby boom generation had gotten a bad rap for being such profligate spenders: “We grew up during the 1970s,...

  • Growing Your Own Successor

    Owner/advisors need to accept an essential element of their jobs: teaching young advisors to be great advisors, then teaching them to be great owners.


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