Investment Advisor February 2012




  • Tyranny of the Giant Client

    The benefit of having large clients is apparent to everyone.

  • Social Media and You

    Social media: Those two words have become ever present in our daily lives and it’s safe to say that, to some extent, a good portion of us use a social media outlet on a daily basis.

  • The Regulator of Last Resort

    Looks like the Financial Planning Coalition and the Investment Adviser Association have gotten attention sponsoring the Boston Consulting Group’s report, “Investment Adviser Oversight: Economic Analysis of Options.”

  • Survey for Success

    My work with independent advisory firms over the past 10 years or so has led me to conclude that there are three steps to maximizing employee contributions to their firms through increasing their happiness.

  • Learning to Speak Your Client’s Language

    The best financial advisors know how to tune into each client’s money history and individual story.