Investment Advisor December 2014





Sidebar Stories

  • The Strengthening Dollar

    Who wouldn't want to own the greenback? With the Dow and S&P 500 regularly hitting new highs and the economy continuing to put up good numbers, the U.S. is a tropical island in a world dominated by fiscal malaise and geopolitical chaos.

  • White Promises ‘Clarity’ on Fiduciary

    While SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White said in mid-November that the agency had not yet decided “whether to do something or what to do” regarding a fiduciary rulemaking, White said she planned to provide “clarity” as to her position regarding a uniform fiduciary rule in the “short term.”

  • Examiners Get Tough

    Understanding the inner workings and pressures on the SEC is valuable to advisors, but RIAs are mostly worried about SEC examiners—and they should be, according to Tom Giachetti, chair of the securities practice group at Stark & Stark. “They’re assuming you’re doing something wrong,” said Giachetti of SEC examiners under...

  • Two Other BD Issues Still Loom

    The independent broker-dealer community has consistently and loudly derided the Department of Labor's on-again, off-again plan to redefine fiduciary under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. In late October, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said the department continues to “reach out to stakeholders” regarding the redraft of its rule so that...

  • FINRA Fines

    Fines imposed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in 2014 are poised to far outpace those reported by the regulator in 2013, according to an analysis released Aug. 1 by the law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan.

  • IRS Releases Guidance on Roth After-Tax Issues

    The Internal Revenue Service in late September issued long-awaited guidance on the allocation of after-tax amounts to rollovers, which answers what IRA guru Ed Slott said is one of the most common, if not the most common, question that he gets from advisors.

  • How Behavioral Finance Can Boost Goals-Based Investing

    For many financial advisors, behavioral finance is still somewhat abstract. They recognize the importance of understanding investor behavior to improve investment outcomes, said Chuck Widger, founder and executive chairman of investment management firm Brinker Capital. However, due to a lack of practical tools, finding the best way to incorporate behavioral...

  • Schorsch Unit Draws State Regulator's Scrutiny

    Massachusetts regulators are investigating Realty Capital Securities, a spokesperson said in early November.

  • Important Goal with Cost Basis Reporting—Avoid Surprises!

    Among the more frustrating aspects of cost basis reporting are the potential surprises. For example, you intended to sell a specific lot, but the account's default accounting method was used instead. Or you are selling securities that were recently transferred, but the original cost basis was not provided by the...