Investment Advisor April 2012


  • Building a Talent Hothouse

    With just two associate advisors available to replace every three lead advisors; creeping compensation costs for advisory positions; and woefully low levels of succession planning, the demand for top talent is outstripping supply.

  • Reconsidering Reverse Mortgages

    Times were tough for Dorothy Ariail back in 1977 when she became a young widow with three children.

  • Six Long-Term Care Lessons

    A recent survey by John Hancock provides insights on a key area that advisors should try to address more directly: the failure of most people to prepare for the financial risk associated with the need for long-term care.

  • India at the Crossroads

    Beyond the exoticism and mystique that’s always been associated with India lies one of the greatest emerging market growth stories of recent times, one to which, until fairly recently, it seemed there could be no end.

  • Tech Eminence

    As educational editor of the 2012 TechLeaders Conference on March 19–21 in Irving, Texas, Beacon Strategies LLC is contributing to the conference’s goal of developing thought leadership that can be shared by broker-dealers of all sizes.



  • The Dangling Conversation

    Employees tend to view the amount they are paid as a statement about their value to the organization, rather than a reflection of the firm’s financial situation.

  • EBSA Cracks Down on Retirement Plan Advisors

    Prominent retirement planning officials are warning advisors to make sure that the retirement plans they advise are compliant with Department of Labor rules, as the DOL’s regulatory arm responsible for policing these plans is cracking down.

  • Who Needs Ya, Baby?

    Recently, fi360 CEO Blaine Aikin wrote a column for InvestmentNews about the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct.

  • A Friendly Face

    I’ve been writing a lot lately about practice management strategies derived from real-world experience that often contradict traditional business school theories, and I’d like to continue that trend with some thoughts about a commonly held taboo: hiring friends.

  • How Are We Doing?

    All too often we think the advisory process is going really well, when in actuality the client doesn’t feel heard or understood and is dissatisfied with the way things are proceeding.


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