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2008 Practice Management Reader Survey results

*Co-authored by Matt Thornhill

We all use them, but do we really know what common industry buzz words mean? What exactly is "holistic planning?" How do you actually define "superior service?" How high is "high-net-worth?" Our groundbreaking 2008 reader survey sought to answer these questions - and more. We teamed with Matt Thornhill of The Boomer Project to make sure we asked the right questions. We then asked you for help, and your response was overwhelmingly. But how do you stack up against the consensus? Does your perception of the industry mean a competitive advantage, or does it hold you back? How different are you - really - from your peers? Our quantitative and qualitative information is here to act as a guide.

Click here to download a pdf (1 MB) of the complete 2008 Practice Management Reader Survey results.

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